About Us

Bringing together a unique combination of skills, the 3FB Aerworx team understands your industry and the challengers that you face, allowing us to work with you to achieve the best outcome for your project.


With some of the best UAV controllers in the country, state of the art equipment, CASA accreditation and comprehensive insurance provisions, 3FB Aerworx boasts an unbeatable combination of skills and expertise.


The 3FB Aerworx team brings to our UAV operations combined experience in the utilities industry, emergency services, environmental management, and photography as well as film and television production. Our unique industry expertise provides an indispensible edge for the discerning client.

Recent media attention regarding safety and privacy concerns has placed UAV operations under the spotlight. Our safety, environmental and privacy considerations are at the forefront of all, ensuring peace of mind throughout all stages of operation.


Our dedicated team is constantly working to improve our platforms, equipment and capabilities, ensuring ongoing provision of state of the art equipment that keeps us at the leading edge of our field.