Our Equipment

High Definition:

Our UAV’s are capable of providing an aerial platform for Black Magic or the RED camera. Our standard package for video utilizes a Sony HD Camera for both video and stills photography.


360° Camera Movement

Unlike many similar products, 3FB Aerworx UAV’s are fitted with retractable landing gear, giving an unobstructed 360° view that allows our camera to stay locked on target. Our 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal has an unbeatable 360˚ pan; 95˚ tilt, and 70˚ roll. Capability.


Increased Stability

Our system makes use of 8 separate motors, providing unparalleled stability when compared to other designs, 3FB Aerworx has the capacity to operate in higher winds than other craft, whilst at the same time providing smooth and steady coverage. Our superior capability translates to better safety standards and enhanced commercial efficiency with less time lost in postproduction.