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3FB Aerworx is the leading provider of specialist Remotely Piloted services with a fleet of state of the art platforms, complimented by a wide range of sensors and custom solutions we draw on our years of experience to ensure successful results for our clients.


With experience providing remotely piloted solutions across a wide range of industries including; public safety, environmental management, utilities, mining and television, we pride ourselves on working with our clients, providing cost efficient solutions. Our aerial services can be used for countless applications including surveying & mapping, asset inspections, security and event monitoring, aerial incendiary operations, , flora & fauna surveys, animal tracking, atmospheric monitoring, cinematography and countless other applications.


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Unlike traditional helicopters or fixed wing aircraft, our size and maneuverability allow us to get into tighter spaces and closer to the action. Coupled with our selection of stills, video and specialist systems, we are capable of capturing the highest resolution image quality to meet all your requirements.


No matter the size of the project or the location across the country, whether you are looking for a detailed site survey, environmental monitoring, a range of industrial applications or dynamic aerial video for your production we are prepared to help you achieve your goals and have the capability and expertise to ensure a successful operation.  

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Introducing – 3FB Aerworx, Specialist Aerial Solutions presents the Aerial Incendiary System


3FB Aerworx aerial incendiary system (AIS) is the latest addition to our fleet and is the next generation of aerial fire management. Providing a safe and efficient solution for land managers and emergency services when conduction fuel reduction, ecological or fire fighting operations. Working in with your burn plan and conventional resources the 3FB Aerworx, AIS provides a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to anyone undertaking burning operations.

As NSW Forestry Commission staff observe the fire behaviour, a 3FB Aerworx AIS sits ready for its next flight. 

Aerial Incendiary System in action showing the SEI “Premo”® Ignition Sphere been released from the dropper bay after its injected 

3FB Aerworx aerial incendiary system, M600 Pro & Flir XT2 camera

3FB Aerworx aerial incendiary system, clearly showing the SEI “Premo”® Ignition Spheres in the hopper under the M600Pro. We have a 3FB Controller in the background operating the platform.

Whether its a small job or a major project we have the capability and expertise to ensure a successful outcome.