About Us

3FB Aerworx is a specialist RPA business operating Australia wide in predominantly the environmental, heavy industrial, construction & emergency services sectors. With our head office in Melbourne we also have staff in several Australian States including ACT, NSW, WA and QLD to service our discerning client’s requirements across the country.


We are a privately owned Australia company who has provided Remotely Piloted services for in excess of five years. Our services compromise a range of expertise including but not limited to asset inspections, project monitoring, emergency services support, LIDAR, photogrammetry, and aerial videography & photography.


In addition to our years of experience in remotely piloted aircraft and the wider aviation sector the 3FB Aerworx team brings to our RPA operations combined experience in the utilities industry, emergency services, environmental management, and photography as well as film and television production. Our unique industry expertise and proven ability to provide custom solutions provides an indispensable edge for our discerning clients.


Recent media attention regarding safety and privacy concerns has placed RPA’s under the spotlight, our safety, environmental and privacy policies ensure these are always at the forefront of all our operations, ensuring not only are objectives achieved but that everyone is happy with all aspects of the operation.


Our dedicated team is constantly working to improve our platforms, equipment and capabilities, ensuring ongoing provision of state of the art solutions and equipment keeping us at the leading edge of our field.

The key principles of our operation are


Regulatory Compliance: 3FB Aerworx is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate Multi rotor RPA’s up to 25kgs and Fixed-wing up to 7kgs. Our flight planning procedures has safety and compliance the highest priority for all operations.


Occupational Health & Safety: 3FB Aerworx QHS&E systems have been independently audited by specialist third party companies and we have been assessed and deemed compliant with the appropriate national and international standards. Our  well-developed risk assessments, JSA’s and SWMS’s form the backbone of all operations with our controllers not proceeding with a flight if they consider the weather, task or conditions to be unsafe.


Pilot Skill: 3FB Aerworx RPA controllers who have hundreds of flight hours operating our platforms in complex environments such as bush and grass fires, power station switchyards, port facilities, off shore as well as urban and remote areas. See "our staff" for more information


Environmental Responsibility: 3FB Aerworx takes the environment and our responsibility to care for it very seriously with environmental care policies and procedures to ensure that our operations have little to no adverse impact on the environment.


Security & Confidentiality: All 3FB Aerworx crews have Construction White Cards, Aviation Security Identification (ASIC) Cards and undergo regular National Police checks.  We take privacy very seriously, with strict procedures for the acquisition and management of data.


Insurance: 3FB Aerworx is fully insured for all operations that we undertake. We carry public and professional liability insurance, WorkCover insurance as well as specialised coverage for some of our custom operations. 

Third Party Accreditations