Third Party Accreditations


While today, RPA’s are more readily available and getting easier to fly this is only the start when selecting an RPA provider. 3FB Aerworx puts Safety, Quality, the Environment and Compliance with legal & aviation requirements at the forefront of all our operations.  3FB Aerworx is a fully licensed and certified CASA operator having well developed Quality, Health Safety and Environmental (QHS&E) systems in place to cover all aspects of our operations.


Our systems are based on the application of comprehensive risk management practices supported by technical experts with years of specialist industry experience. Our experienced personnel apply safety as a principle to underpin everything our business does – It is not a bolt on but intrinsic to everything we do.


Our focus on safety is evident when you look at 3FB Aerworx's record of incident free operations and is further supported by the independent systems audits and accreditations provides our clients with the confidence that only comes when you work with a professional company, ensuring incident free operations.


At 3FB Aerworx to maximise the efficiency of our business we apply simple risk management principles.

To meet the requirement of clients and ensure that our operations plan suits the complexities of the operational environment we will be working in we:

  • Have embedded enterprise risk management and the organisational culture making it an integral part of normal business practice and decision-making.
  • Regularly evaluate and review risks and controls against pre-established criteria
  • Actively monitor the internal and external environment, to identify emerging issues and after analysis provide appropriate treatment in line with 3FB Aerworx’s risk appetite
  • Engage in regular, effective consultation and open communication about risk management issues both within 3FB Aerworx and with relevant external stakeholders
  • Have an effective risk management system to assist our management in recording and monitoring risk management activities and create common guidelines for the assessment of risk across all areas of the business

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)


3FB Aerworx is a fully  licensed and certified RPA operator having had our manuals and procedures audited by CASA staff to ensure our compliance with RPA and aviation industry regulations (CASA.ReOC.0115)


Our experience and history of working safely has seen 3FB Aerworx issued a number of special flight instruments allowing our controllers to undertake specialist operations such as flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) and above the altitude limit of 400’(agl)

Cm3 - OHS/WHS Contractor Pre-qualification system


Cm3 is one of Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor pre-qualification system. Cm3 was implemented so that our all 3FB Aerworx clients can be confident when they engage us we have OHS/WHS systems and processes for working safely. We have been independently audited by Cm3 to verify our compliance with our systems and are the first RPA operator in Australia to have this pre-qualification.

AUS International


3FB Aerworx is fully audited and certified as a Teir 2 RPA operator. With our operational procedures audited to the prestigious UASI standard in an independent audit undertaken by UAS International.

The UASI Standard is the first of its type specific for RPA Operators in that the standard has been developed to align with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines. The UAS International Standard also satisfies or exceeds local RPA regulatory and certification standards as prescribed by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


3FB Aerworx has been successfully audited across the six categories covered under the program. These categories are; asset inspection, mapping, monitoring/ surveillance/security, photography, seeding/spraying, transport and specialist RPAS applications.


Compliance with this standard provides 3FB Aerworx clients with the confidence and assurance that we meet the highest levels of safety and are compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.