Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions about our service and how we work come up regularly and are already answered in our FAQ section.


1. How do you deliver the media?We output to multiple formats, subjects to client and job requirements. Speak to us further about what medium is best suited to your job.
2. Do you fly using First Person view (FPV)?Yes we can fly FPV if it is going to provide the best outcome for the operation in question.
3. How do you know what you are filming?The camera operator controls the camera from a mobile downlink station.  From this station the camera operator can see the photo or video image on an LCD display and can control the pan, tilt of the gimbal as well as remotely operate the camera functions including record start/stop, zoom and capture a still image
4. Can you capture aerial video over large crowds?Our controllers and camera operators can get great shots while still ensuring everyone’s safety.
5. How smooth is the HD Aerial Video you provide?The quality of our product is comparable to that supplied by a full-sized helicopter and in most cases people wont know if it was a UAV or not. 
6. What is the process to hire your services?Call us to chat further about how we can help you with your next project.
7. Do you have aerial stock footage or still images?Yes, we are constantly adding to our library of stock footage and still images so chances are we will have something that meets your needs.  If we don’t have the shot you are after then, we can usually capture it for you.
8. Do you have a minimum charge for HD aerial video services?Our pricing structure is dependent on type and scope of project. Call us for more information on a project estimate that is applicable for your job.
9. Where do you provide aerial photo/video services?3FB Aerworx is based in Melbourne, and operates throughout Australia and in selected overseas locations. 
10. Are your aerial services insured?3FB Aerworx has public liability insurance and carries insurance to cover all operations that we are authorized by CASA to undertake.
11. Do you offer video and DVD production?3FB Aerworx’s in-house video production team can provide all services from concept development and script writing, through to replication and distribution. Call us with the details of your project for a project estimate.
12. What are your weather limitations?We can fly in temperatures from -5°C to 60°C and also in winds up to 28kmph Please note that in high winds the stability of the video images may be affected. 
13. How much notice do you need to book an aerial photo or video shoot?That depends on our schedule.  We generally require a few days to plan a shoot.  We must also consider the weather conditions, desired operational outcomes and any travel time that is required.