Project 1:

Photogrammetry Operations along the Great Ocean Road


The 3FB Aerworx team were requested to undertake some work along the Great Ocean Road.


As part of the project the crew set up at the 12 Apostles where they preformed a number of photogrammetry flights and LIDAR operations.  The Aircraft for this project was the 3FB Aerworx M600 Pro, selected as a versatile workhorse it was able to carry both the required payloads for this project. The primary payload was our Sony A7r 36Mp Full Frame camera. For mapping operations the M600 is also fitted with a full PPK system and a base station to ensure absolute accuracy of data. The second payload was the LIDAR unit for additional data especially in the hard to see areas of the cliff.


This operation required additional planning and close coordination with 12 Apostles Helicopters who operate multiple aircraft showing tourists the amazing coastline. Additionally, as the land is managed by Parks Victoria we required a permit to operate in the area. This means producing a RPAS operations plan and notifying the State Air Desk of our operation start and finish times.


While the crew got to work in this iconic location with a beautiful backdrop they are supported by the office team, completing flight plans, permissions and coordination. This is then followed up by the processing team who produce the final product for delivery to our clients. All 3Fb Aerworx operations are a team effort with ever member planning a valuable role to ensure a successful operation.


Please Note: The no drones sign in the image at top of page. Despite it been clearly visible the crew had a stop operations on a number of occasions due to people operating drones in the area.

Project 2:


Crookwell II Windfarm Construction


The 3FB Aerworx team attended the site just north of Goulburn to document the construction of the Windfarm, providing a range of images and video for use by the Farms owners, the construction team and stakeholders.


The location of the wind farm provided for a picturesque landscape, with views across the hills and the Pejar Dam providing an amazing backdrop for the imagery and all those involved in the construction of the Crookwell II Windfarm. Working closely with the construction teams and contractors our RPA controllers are able to provide another perspective of the amazing amount of work that goes into a project of this scale.


To ensure the safety of everyone on site the 3FB Aerworx team have all the required Personal Protective Clothing, hold construction industry white cards and undertake a series of site inductions. These are complimented by our attendance at tool box meetings and daily site briefings. This ensures that our crews are fully aware of the works been undertaken at any time and any associated hazards, putting in the required risk mitigations. Additionally the construction team and any contractors are aware of the RPA's with appropriate communication plans and work areas established to ensure there are no interruptions to the works schedule. 


All 3FB Aerworx crews complete a detailed flight plan and risk assessment before undertaking any operation this includes SWMS and JSA's that are in line with the OHS regulations that exist in each state.