3FB Aerworx utilises a range of leading edge remotely piloted platforms to carry our sensors and payloads. We pride ourselves on providing the best remotely piloted solution to all our clients.


The 3FB Aerworx RPA fleet includes both multi rotor and fixed wing platforms of various sizes and flight performances allowing us to match the aircrafts capabilities with the operation. These are fitted with a range of safety features including but not limited to; multiple GPS’s, compass, collision avoidance, vision positioning technology, return home functions all supported by the latest battery monitoring technology. 


The 3FB Aerworx RPA’s use a range of flight control systems with each of these having a number of different flight modes to allow our controllers to select the best option for the mission been undertaken, taking into consideration, the conditions, environment, pre-flight risk assessments and objectives.

The RPA’s also have many


Our use of predominantly battery powered RPA units are chosen because they provide a safer option when used in rural or bushland applications in the reduction of risk associated with ignition of fire and/or environmental issues through overheating/crashes and fuel spills when compared to fuel driven RPA platforms. 




RPA Platforms

The 3FB Aerworx fleet consist of a range of platforms, from the big to the very small , ensuring we have the right aircraft for your project. These include M600Pro, SkyJib Heavy lift, Freefly Alta 6, Inspire 1 & 2, M210, Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 & 4Pro as well as a range of specialist in house developed aircraft we have you covered.


Cameras: HD, Optical Zoom, Multispectral & Thermal Capability

The 3FB Aerworx range of cameras includes the full frame Sony A7r, Sony HX400 and FLIR Tau 2 sensors providing our clients with the best sensor for the operation required. Whether its asset inspection, animal tracking, mapping, damage assessment or videography our range of cameras provides still images up to 36Mb, Optical zoom (up to and including 50x) and thermal capability


Asset Inspection:

3FB Aerworx inspection cameras provide for the ability for optical zoom (between 3x – 50x) as well as high resolution video and photos allowing for digital zooming when reviewing data. All data is geo tagged allowing for easy identification and reference of the location it was captured.


Thermal Cameras:

3FB Aerworx has a selection of FLIR thermal cameras providing 640x512 Pixel Resolution, 30Hz frame rate, digital zoom, multiple color palette selections and remotely controllable isotherms. These cameras also have a number of different lens options for additional flexibility.


Mapping & Photogrammetry:

Utilising our specially developed aerial system the 3FB Aerworx photogrammetry platform provides a high resolution, high accuracy solution for acquiring enhanced spatial data. Fitted with a Sony A7r (full frame) camera and professional grade lens to ensure quality data acquisition.


Post Processed Kinematic System (PPK)

We believe this is a real alternative to RTK for direct geo-referencing, where data is logged in the RPA and processed with base station data after the flight. As this solution does not require a radio link, it offers greater flexibility in operations, longer range from base, is more reliable, more accurate and easier to use. PPK offers the best quality and reliability of results and does not require the placing of ground targets across the project area.


With a selection of RPA’s, fully stabilized gimbal and camera combinations we are able to provide a solution that will meet your productions requirements. Our specially integrated platform and camera combinations are stat of the art providing amazing imagery not previously possible. We provide a range of lenses and have optical zoom capability if required.


We are also able to provide an aerial platform for a wide range of cameras that you may have. These include ARRI ALEXA Mini, Canon 5D MK  I, II & III, Panasonic GH3, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Canon 6D, Panasonic GH3 & GH4, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Canon 7D, RED EPIC, Canon 1Dc, Canon C100, Sony Alpha 7 Series, Canon 5D MK II, Nikon D810, D800, D500, D5 Sony A7S (mk I - II), A7r (mk I - II), Sony A6000, A6300 & A6500.


360° Camera Movement

3FB Aerworx RPA’s are fitted with retractable landing gear, giving an unobstructed 360° view that allows our camera to stay locked on target. Our 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal has an unbeatable 360˚ pan; 95˚ tilt, and 70˚ roll. Capability.


Increased Stability

Our system makes use of the latest in gimbal technology, providingunparalleled stability when compared to older systems. With the capacity to operate in higher winds and faster speeds, whilst at the same time providing smooth and steady coverage. Our superior capability translates to better safety standards and enhanced commercial efficiency with less time lost in postproduction.

3FB Aerworx aerial incendiary system, M600 Pro & Flir XT2 camera