Aerial Seeding - Granular Spreader


Breaking News: 3FB Aerworx is proud to announce our partnership with CRF-Innovations allowing us to bring their “UGS Granular Spreaders” to Australia. We are pleased to offer our clients a range of access options to this industry leading technology. 


In keeping with our history of providing state of the art, specialist aerial solutions to our clients the UGS pellet spreaders are a welcome addition to our offerings. Providing a safe and efficient method of applying a wide range of granular based materials to those hard to access locations. 

The UGS is available for sale, lease or as a turnkey solution.


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UGS- 1, Granular Spreader

The versatility of the UGS-1 means that it can be used to spread fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, food and many more types of granules. Additionally under our M600 platform it can be operated over water, swampy areas, rough or steep terrain as well as bare earth or dense vegetation.  


This versatile system has countless benefits, the capacity, spreading rate and range of the UGS-1 will allow you to spread areas safer, faster, more evenly and at a lower cost than conventional ground or aircraft applications.


Applications Include:

  • Fertiliser Spreading
  • Mosquito Control
  • Seeding


Key Features:

  • Light Weight, to maximise flight times
  • Adjustable flow rate, to ensure best application rate for task
  • Remote controlled on/off
  • Spreading Range of up to 30m
  • Fast turn around between flights
  • Targeted Application
  • GPS record of where granules delivered
  • Repeatable Flights