Granular Spreading Services:


3FB Aerworx granular spreading systems provide an efficient and reliable solution for many applications. Whether you are looking to control mosquitos or regenerate areas effected by fire our spreader units provide a safe and effective option for land managers.


With the ability to traverse over complex and hazardous terrains spreading pesticides, seeds, food, fertilisers and many more types of granules. We work with our clients improving efficiency, increasing safety and saving money.


Some examples of the work we have undertaken include:


Seeding – Bushfire Regeneration

Seeding – Agriculture

Larvicide - Mosquito Control

Rodent Baiting – Pest Control


With a variable spreading rate and a width of up to seven (7) meters we can tailor the deliver to meet each project and particular site requirements. Our controllers program the flight system to ensure that the entire area is receiving even coverage over the target area, minimising waste and again saving time and money completing the operation by reducing the amount of overlap and associated wastage.


3FB Aerworx staff have undergone extensive training and hold all relevant licences as required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and other regulatory agencies.


Whether you have a large or small, hard to access area contact us to discuss your project today.