Fire Management Solutions


Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are changing how things are done across a wide range of industries and fire operations are no different. Whether its fuel reduction, ecological or fire suppression 3FB Aerworx's has the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide you with a solution to meet your projects objectives.


3FB Aerworx provides a range of services that improve safety, provide cost savings and improve efficiency to maximise the opportunities presented by the small windows that often restricts burn operations. 


Whether its the AIS providing your team with start of the art ignition, planning or post burn monitoring, the additional benefits of having the 3Fb Aerworx and our aerial platforms can’t be underestimated. Some of the applications include;

  • Aerial Ignition
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Hot Spot Identification
  • Smoke Monitoring
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Post Burn Surveys

3Fb Aerworx offer outstanding performance, safety and versatility to ensure effective burn operations no matter the size or where you are located.

Aerial Incendiary System (AIS)


3FB Aerworx, aerial incendiary system (AIS) is the latest addition to our services adding another level of versatility to our fleet.  It is the next generation of aerial fire management, providing a safe and efficient solution for land managers and response agencies when conduction fuel reduction, ecological or fire-fighting operations.


The 3FB Aerworx Aerial Incendiary Systems are available as part of a full service contract, Lease or sale. Speak to one of our staff for more information and to arrange a demonstration.


The AIS can operate in a wide range of environments that currently present a number of management and logistical challenges when undertaking burning operations. These include;


  • Operating in Steep & Uneven Terrain
  • Walking through Heavy Fuel Loads
  • Traversing Rocky Area’s
  • Areas that are Not appropriate for conventional aerial ignition
  • Areas that present a High Risk to hand ignition crews
  • Sensitive Environmental areas
  • Area’s of special risk


Utilising SEI “Premo”® Ignition Spheres to provide its safe and reliable ignition source. With a payload of up to 150 spheres the unit can be utilised on burns of any size.



As NSW Forestry Commission staff observe the fire behaviour, a 3FB Aerworx AIS sits ready for its next flight. 

AIS releasing incendiary at a fuel reduction burn just out of Batemans Bay, NSW.

3FB Aerworx AIS, SEI “Premo”® Ignition Spheres in the hopper under the M600Pro controlled by 3FB Controller in full wildfire PPC. 

3FB Chief controller, Justin Welander, discusses the next flight with DELWP staff at a controlled burn in Lysterfield, Victoria

Benefits of the Aerial Incendiary System


The AIS provides a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to anyone undertaking burning operations. Working in with your conventional resources the AIS provides another tool to burn controllers.


The 3FB Aerworx AIS provides major safety and cost advantages when compared to conventional aerial and hand ignition techniques.


The key features and benefits of the AIS include:


  • Programmable Flight Restrictions
  • Geo-fenced dropping zone
  • Programmable trajectories and drop points
  • Drop Rate up to 30 spheres per minute
  • Manual or Autonomous Flight modes
  • Wireless and Bluetooth communication
  • Fast Reload and turn around times
  • Manual and programmable triggers
  • Suite of on-board sensors
  • Continuous status feedback via custom flight control
  • HD & Flir Camera
  • Remote Emergency Release
  • Automatic Return to Home


Training & Qualifications


Bringing together a unique combination of skills and experience in the emergency and environmental management sectors 3FB Aerworx staff have a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in the fire and emergency management sectors. 


3FB Aerworx staff are experienced, highly trained, having experience in the fire sector and holding qualifications including:


  • CASA issued Remote Pilot License (25kg Multi-rotor)
  • Minimum Basic Wildfire Awareness
  • Full Wildfire Personal Protective Clothing
  • 4WD Vehicle and driver training