3FB Aerworx in partnership Drone Amplified is proud to distribute the IGNIS aerial incendiary system throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Drone Amplified IGNIS, aerial incendiary system, provides a safe, efficient and cost effective aerial ignition solution for land managers and emergency services.  


Custom integration with Freefly ALTA X drone and Workswell Wiris Pro thermal camera provides flight times in excess of 30 minutes and an increased payload of up to 450 spheres it can operate for longer in a wide range of environments that present a range of challenges to those undertaking burning operations


Key Features of the IGNIS include:

  • Fully integrated with the Alta X
  • Autonomous and manual operation modes
  • Variable drop rate of up to 120 per minute.
  • Single person operation
  • Easily transportable 
  • Suite of failsafes and on-board system sensors

The IGNIS, Aerial Incendiary Systems are available for purchase or lease and with over 150 years of combined experience in the fire and emergency management sector the staff at 3FB Aerworx don't just sell the product importantly they understand burning operations, protocols, fire management structures and the dynamic environment that you need to operate in.



For additional information you can also check out the Drone Amplified Website via the following link: https://droneamplified.com/




Combining Freefly's ALTA X, Wiris Pro Thermal camera, and Drone Amplified IGNIS Aerial Ignition System This package provides everything you need to start your aerial incendiary operations. 



  • Freefly ALTA X Platform
    • Custom landing gear
    • Transport case
    • Integrations for camera and IGNIS ignition system.
  • IGNIS 2 ignition system
    • Transport case
    • Parts kit.
  • Drone Amplified Android app and tablet
  • Workswell Wiris Pro thermal/visual camera
    • Gimbal
    • Transport case.
  • Herelink Blue radio controller and tablet holder.
  • Spare parts kit:
    • 1 full set of props
    • 2 spare “ALTA X Active Blades”,
    • Small spare parts.
  • 4 sets of batteries
  • 2 chargers
  • 2 custom battery transport cases.

3FB Aerworx also operate the Drone Amplified IGNIS across Australia as part of our own operations. We  provide training, after sales service and with our experience are able to assist with integrating this technology into your agency. 


Call (03) 9873 1980 to discuss your requirements with us today.

Training and Support


3FB Aerworx's experienced staff provide a range of training options to ensure you are able to operate safely and get the most out of your Drone Amplified IGNIS system. Training consists of both theory and practical sessions and can be conducted at either our training area or your premise. 


Training includes:

  • RPA Setup
  • IGNIS Setup
  • Flight Planning
  • Operations (Manual & Autonomous)
  • Considerations
  • Maintenance


Ongoing operational support is available and in the event that additional capacity is required the 3FB Aerworx team can also be deployed to meet operational requirements. 


Development of Procedures


With our years of experience in the land and emergency management sectors as well as our operational use of the IGNIS system in a wide range of environments we can also provide assistance with the development and implementation of the IGNIS into your operations.