Industrial Solutions

3FB Aerworx can provide solutions for all inspection requirements, whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an unexpected breakdown. With one of our specialist UAV teams onsite to assist, our customers are back at full production in no time.


Replacing the need for cranes, scaffolding or full sized helicopters, 3FB Aerworkx can make technical 
inspection safer, faster and less costly. The cameras of our multi-rotor aircraft transmit live footage from the inspections directly to our team where they can display it on to a video monitor for your engineers to view. Live inspections reduce lost time from plant shutdowns, and the ability to stream image from live onsite to inspection crews at locations elsewhere strengthens corporate competitive and workplace safety advantage.


Consider using 3FB Aerworx for:

  • Flare stack inspections
  • Power line inspections
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Fire system inspections
  • Checking of conveyer systems
  • Chemical plant inspections


Our systems are capable of autonomous flight using GPS coordinates that enable precision in planning and execution of your flight, with the flexibility of ongoing adjustment wherever the project requires it.


3FB Aerworx also has a range of additional special equipment, including thermal imaging, high definition video and atmospheric monitoring equipment that can be carried on our UAV’s when required.


Our systems are capable of autonomous flight