At 3FB Aerworx we are only as good as our staff on the day. A reason that most of our staff stay and our clients keep coming back is because 3FB Aerworx staff are an integral part of the business, empowered to make decisions and strive for personal and business improvements.


While 3FB Aerworx only employ professional CASA certified licensed Remote Pilots that hold CASA issued Remote Pilots Licences (RePL), importantly they have also demonstrated a focus on safety because this the foundation of all 3FB Aerworx operations. As part of the aviation industry, working in and around other industries with specific risks, safety is the foundation on which we undertake all our operations.


Additionally our controllers bring additional skills to complement their remotely piloted aircraft qualifications. This includes their many years of experience in conventional aviation, environmental management, emergency services, utilities, construction, petrochemical and video production to list a few of the area’s where we bring an extra level of understanding along with our staff.



3FB Aerworx believes in our staff and the importance of training, we invest considerable time in training our staff to ensure we are current and proficient. Our staff regularly attend training, conference and other industry focused events to ensure that we have a team that provides the best possible service and we maintain our reputation as industry leaders.

3FB Controllers and Ground Crew are trained to exceed the rigorous requirements of CASA and our third party certification partners. Our success and position as a leader in the industry is underpinned by our professional staff, their abilities to work with clients ensuring that each job is completed safely and exceeding expectations.


While many of our staff have extensive experience and qualifications at a minimum our staff have the following qualifications and licences:


  • Australian Drivers Licence – minimum endorsement is for a Car.
  • First aid training - minimum standard is HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid (Level 2) & provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation HLTAID001
  • Aviation Security ID card (ASIC)
  • Bushfire Awareness Training (22288VIC)
  • Construction Industry White Card


As mentioned above, many of the staff at 3FB Aerworx have spent time in the conventional aviation industry, both commercially and recreationally, bring years of knowledge and thousands of hours experience to our operations. 3FB Aerworx staff fly both fixed wing and rotary aircraft of varying sizes from single seater gliders to commercial airliners.


Additionally, a number of our staff also enjoy the recreational side of the RPA’s and can be found on their days off flying remotely piloted aircraft of all sizes, makes and configurations for both fun and competition. Again the many many hours of experience, flying different aircraft in varying conditions give us the ability to access any project that it a little “out of the box” and provide a suitable and importantly safe solution.